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Member benefits, members-only product/event discounts and daily access to top expert info in the field

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Retail Membership

For all types of convenience store and petroleum marketing companies.

NACS retail membership is open to all types of convenience store and petroleum marketing companies from independent stores to large chains both foreign and Domestic. Membership in NACS provides numerous benefits to help keep retailers on the cutting edge of this fastpaced and constantly changing industry. We offer:

Supplier Membership

NACS supplier membership is open to all companies that manufacture or distribute products and/or services to the convenience store and fuel marketing industry.

Membership in NACS provides products, services and education keep suppliers on the cutting edge of this fast-paced and constantly changing industry. These benefits include:

Friends of NACS

Become a Friend of NACS today and make your voice heard.

An individual can become more engaged in NACS activities by becoming a Friend of NACS. There are no membership dues. Benefits include:

  • Right to vote for a designated representative on the NACS Board of Directors
  • Complimentary subscription to NACS Magazine
  • Complimentary subscription to NACS Daily
  • Exclusive political updates that allow you to make decisions to most effectively run your business
  • Receive quarterly e-newsletters that will keep you updated on legislation that NACS is lobbying for on behalf of your business and our industry.
Friends of NACS memberships do not include member-rate discounts on events, products, or services. For full member benefits, please join NACS with your company through the Retail or Supplier Membership applications.

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