NACS Compensation Survey

The NACS Compensation Survey for 2020 is closed.

Wages and benefits are the greatest expense to your store’s bottom line. How can you make sure that your offer is competitive and that you are attracting and retaining the top talent? By submitting your data you can benchmark against industry averages to see how you measure up, where you are excelling, and what strategies you can use to improve your business through your greatest assets, your people.

Build a Competitive Compensation Strategy

Each spring, NACS publishes its State of the Industry Compensation Report®, providing critical benchmarking data and up-to-date standards in the key human resource categories of compensation, turnover, benefits, and recruitment. The report breaks down the newest available information in the convenience industry and is considered an essential guide for HR professionals.

Member organizations find the NACS Compensation Survey helpful for:

  • Building the case for changes to their compensation structure, benefits packages, training, etc.
  • Improving how they make compensation decisions
  • Showing proof for or validating changes to their compensation structure
  • Benchmarking the most important compensation metrics by region and company size

For nearly 40 years, companies have relied on this report for the most accurate snapshot of:

  • Salaries: Includes annual base salaries, other compensation and wage increases
  • Turnover: Displayed by position, region, firm size, length of service
  • Benefits: Medical, health care cost as a percentage of payroll, percentage of enrollment, company contribution
  • Recruitment: New hires, cost to hire, and screening tools
  • Small Operator
  • And more!

All survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the published report (a $349 value)

Your company's data will be treated confidentially; any reporting or references to survey results will be presented in aggregate form only. NACS has honored this pledge of confidentiality for over 40 years while reporting aggregated metrics that are critical to the convenience and fuel retailing industry.